Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Digging deeper into Messaging

Recently, I got interested into messaging. Messaging is simply one of the ways of building enterprise applications. When you live in .NET world, you can use one of the following frameworks to ease your way of building a messaging application:

I decided to go with NServiceBus and write an simple application just to get more sense about the overall approach. I liked what I saw. Messaging gives a whole new meaning to building robust, fault-tolerant, fast performing, loosely coupled enterprise applications. The framework itself is designed in a such way so that actual development is simplified to it’s maximum. My next step was to download NServiceBus source code to take a peek of how the things were done internally. This helped me to grasp core concepts better and faster. Since I liked the whole idea, I decided to take things even further and read the Enterprise Integration Pattern book which stands for one of the best on the subject. I would also like to look more into the NServiceBus source code. However, reading the book has a higher priority for now. If you’re new to messaging, I strongly recommend checking out following links:

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on my progress and thoughts on this interesting subject.

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