Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book review – Pro ASP.NET MVC (Steven Sanderson) decided to purchase this book after seeing good reviews of this book at Amazon. I must say that reviews at Amazon can sometimes misguide you but this time I was lucky. This book is outstanding, it is full of details about ASP.NET MVC and the author knows his stuff. Another good thing about this book is author’s writing style, which is entertaining and easy to follow. The book is divided in two parts, first part is about building small e-commerce book with ASP.NET MVC framework and second part is about detailed explanations of ASP.NET MVC Framework inner details. As a matter of fact this book contains so much valuable technical information about MVC framework that I’ll surly need to read some parts again.

Conclusion: If you plan to do any serious development with ASP.NET MVC then this book is must-have for you.

The author of this book also has a blog that is worth checking out.

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